Vintage Pretties

I just recently started following this board on pinterest not too long ago and am so glad I did! The board “vintage pretties” is magnificent.

Marisa Berenson & Psychedelic Color Wig  US Vogue October 1970, photo by Berry Berenson.



designlovefest / dreamworld style shoot

It is no secret with for people who know me how much I ADORE Bri Emery, the mastermind behind my favorite blog designlovefest. She recently had a deliciously brilliant photo shoot which she starred in and art-directed. Below are some of the outtakes (you can see the photos that made the cut on her blog) that I had to share.

Bri, you don’t know me, but you continue to inspire me. Keep creating magical things!

This is Happening

I am going to see Gotye in a few weeks, as well as a million other FANTASTIC bands. I am also going to see Kimbra this summer. This is going to happen. I am indeed bragging. Brag brag brag brag brag. I am so excited. Ok, i need to breathe.

I was on Gotye’s facebook page today, which lead me to an article VH1 had done on Gotye and Kimbra, and there were a myriad of breathtaking photos of the pair. I had to share some here:

Now, if you’ll excuse me while I clean up all this drool that has seemed to have escaped from my mouth while I was being a creepster over these ridiculous photos.

Wedding Cinematography / Why I Must Do This

Photo by Eddie Judd Photography  |  Taken from Ruffled® Blog  |  Added graphics by me!

First things first. No, I am not engaged or married. However, I love weddingsand often spend my free time looking at all the clever ideas people incorporate into their weddings. Also, having gone to a wedding just this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate for me to post about this very subject.

You will find that there is a plethora of fantastic wedding cinematography (which I didn’t even know was a thing) that will literally make your wedding look like a feature film. I’m not talking dad with a hand held here, I mean beautifully shot professional wedding videos.

Just watch these, and I dare you not to cry! 🙂

Chelsea and Michael from Monachetti on Vimeo.

Heidi and Gordon Highlight Film from Cabana Pictures on Vimeo.

And then I promised myself I was only going to post 3 videos, but I saw this stop motion one, and couldn’t resist sharing it! 

Marina + Andy’s Wedding in Stop-Motion | Melbourne, Australia / NYC from Bayly & Moore on Vimeo.

I know, I know. Happy Monday 🙂

Fishing For Gyotaku

You learn something new everyday, right? Well, today I learned about Japanese gyotaku. It is a form of art that uses sumi ink on (but not limited to? I need to check on that) fish. The ink is brushed on the fish, and then the fish is put down on paper to create something that looks like this:CUTTLEFISH (kou ika) squid GYOTAKU print - traditional Japanese fish art - by dowaito

POISONOUS BLOWFISH (tora fugu) - pufferfish GYOTAKU print - traditional Japanese fish art - by dowaito

GYOTAKU print - traditional Japanese fish art - Crucian Carp w/ shrimp by dowaito

The art really is stunning. And the aftermath produces life size pieces of the creatures. I found these by artist Dwight Hwang, and I would recommend checking out the rest of his pieces too.

Lana Del Rey / Born to Die

Photo source. (Graphics done by yours truly)

If you haven’t gotten a chance to already, you need to check out artist Lana Del Rey. Not only is she fantastically beautiful, she is fantastically talented as well. The first time I ever heard her beautiful smokey voice was when my friend posted Video Games on his facebook wall. Her smooth voice is refreshing. She reminds me of Nancy Sinatra. I am a huge fan, and highly recommend her to … pretty much anyone.