I saw on pinterest that this was Valentino. Not sure if that’s accurate, but it sure is lovely.



Poking around on pinterest today, I stumbled across these very cool paper decorations:

Wouldn’t these look awesome strung up on your office? I think so! You can buy them on Etsy, here! 

Ralph McQuarrie / A True Visionary

For some reason, I have never heard of Ralph McQuarrie, however I (and many others) are VERY familiar with his work. He is the man behind the concept art for Star Wars, visualizing such characters as Yoda, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker. Unfortunately he passed away March 3, 2012, but his work will live on forever: 

Fishing For Gyotaku

You learn something new everyday, right? Well, today I learned about Japanese gyotaku. It is a form of art that uses sumi ink on (but not limited to? I need to check on that) fish. The ink is brushed on the fish, and then the fish is put down on paper to create something that looks like this:CUTTLEFISH (kou ika) squid GYOTAKU print - traditional Japanese fish art - by dowaito

POISONOUS BLOWFISH (tora fugu) - pufferfish GYOTAKU print - traditional Japanese fish art - by dowaito

GYOTAKU print - traditional Japanese fish art - Crucian Carp w/ shrimp by dowaito

The art really is stunning. And the aftermath produces life size pieces of the creatures. I found these by artist Dwight Hwang, and I would recommend checking out the rest of his pieces too.

These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For…

It is no secret that I am over the Endor moon – in love with Star Wars. Especially Mr. Han Solo (I love him, but I think he already knows). So, I thought it fitting to do a post about all some of the AWESOME star wars merchandise that I need to have in my life.

I mean, a tauntaun sleeping bag?? Are you kidding me!
I have a GREAT feeling about this.  🙂

1 R2 D2 USB Hub – ThinkGeek
2 Olly Moss Trilogy Poster Set
3 Yoda Backpack – Buy Star Wars Costumes
4 The Star Wars Cookbook – ThinkGeek
5 The TaunTaun Sleeping Bag – ThinkGeek

So go my padawans, and celebrate that which is Star Wars… This was a boring conversation anyways 😉