My (New-Orleans Themed) Dream Wedding Ideas

Yes, you read that incredibly lengthy title correctly. As of the last few years of my life, I have always wanted a warm and whimsical Louisiana flavored wedding. Sometimes, when i am poking around on pinterest, I get caught up on other wedding ideas, but as soon as I go into a Pappadeaux, or take a trip to Disneyland, I regain my overwhelming instinct in what I knew was right all along. Bring out the shrimp gumbo and the jazz, and let me show you what I am thinking:

String Lights, Banana Pudding, Wedding Dress, Sparklers, Jumbalaya, Chalk Board Decor, and The Greatest Ring I Have Ever Seen.

Alright, now I’ll be upfront with you all. While I have been as far south as Houston, TX, I have (sadly) never been to New Orleans. I am hoping to fix that soon though. So, with that said, I am very aware that my magical idea of the 1940’s jazzland is probably just that; a magical far-fetched dream of the actual truth. All I have to go off of is the Disney rendition of New Orleans (*aaheem* Princess and the Frog and Disneyland’s New Orlean’s Square). I would like to say this though… I’m fine with that, and I would LOVE noting more than to theme my future wedding off of that 🙂



Poking around on pinterest today, I stumbled across these very cool paper decorations:

Wouldn’t these look awesome strung up on your office? I think so! You can buy them on Etsy, here! 

Wedding Cinematography / Why I Must Do This

Photo by Eddie Judd Photography  |  Taken from Ruffled® Blog  |  Added graphics by me!

First things first. No, I am not engaged or married. However, I love weddingsand often spend my free time looking at all the clever ideas people incorporate into their weddings. Also, having gone to a wedding just this weekend, I thought it would be appropriate for me to post about this very subject.

You will find that there is a plethora of fantastic wedding cinematography (which I didn’t even know was a thing) that will literally make your wedding look like a feature film. I’m not talking dad with a hand held here, I mean beautifully shot professional wedding videos.

Just watch these, and I dare you not to cry! 🙂

Chelsea and Michael from Monachetti on Vimeo.

Heidi and Gordon Highlight Film from Cabana Pictures on Vimeo.

And then I promised myself I was only going to post 3 videos, but I saw this stop motion one, and couldn’t resist sharing it! 

Marina + Andy’s Wedding in Stop-Motion | Melbourne, Australia / NYC from Bayly & Moore on Vimeo.

I know, I know. Happy Monday 🙂

These ARE the Droids You’re Looking For…

It is no secret that I am over the Endor moon – in love with Star Wars. Especially Mr. Han Solo (I love him, but I think he already knows). So, I thought it fitting to do a post about all some of the AWESOME star wars merchandise that I need to have in my life.

I mean, a tauntaun sleeping bag?? Are you kidding me!
I have a GREAT feeling about this.  🙂

1 R2 D2 USB Hub – ThinkGeek
2 Olly Moss Trilogy Poster Set
3 Yoda Backpack – Buy Star Wars Costumes
4 The Star Wars Cookbook – ThinkGeek
5 The TaunTaun Sleeping Bag – ThinkGeek

So go my padawans, and celebrate that which is Star Wars… This was a boring conversation anyways 😉

Think Outside of the Vase

Go to your car, or bus, or light rail (go phoenix!), or get your walking shoes on, and then go to your closest thrift store or antique store. Do it! Do it now! And then buy yourself a fun tin, or an old wooden box, or a yellow ceramic elephant! (you gotta see this thing), and then put some flowers in it, and then spend the next hour or two swooning over it! 🙂

You can thank me later. 

pictures from here, here and here.