Time to Inspire: Andreas Preis

I wish I had this much talent:

Make sure you check out his work: the talented Andreas Preis 


Think Outside of the Vase

Go to your car, or bus, or light rail (go phoenix!), or get your walking shoes on, and then go to your closest thrift store or antique store. Do it! Do it now! And then buy yourself a fun tin, or an old wooden box, or a yellow ceramic elephant! (you gotta see this thing), and then put some flowers in it, and then spend the next hour or two swooning over it! ūüôā

You can thank me later. 

pictures from here, here and here.

Gotye / Listen to This

There is a chance that you may have heard of this fantastically talented artist from his most recent hit single “Somebody that I Used to Know.” It is one of the most incredible songs I have ever heard, and I am not ashamed to admit that I listened to it no less than 37 times in one day. Besides that song, however, all of his music should be listened to and celebrated.¬†

Photo from here

Somebody that I Used to Know: